Destination wedding & elopement Photographer


Hang out. Hike.

Create Rad Photos.

Hi I’m Cassandra. I’m a Midwesterner who loves mountains and forests and everything in between. I sleep in tents, know how to cook (and catch) a mean trout over the fire, and love couples who have an adventurous bolt of lightening through their souls just like I do. I’m the type of girl who will carry the train of your dress while you hike up your favorite mountain, hand-in-hand with your best love to make adventures and promise your life to one another. I’m here for when you’re trying to find the perfect mountaintop or oceanside to get married at and I’m here for when you need someone to scrape the mud off your boots at the end of a long and rad wedding day in the outdoors. I’m all for giving you the best of both worlds- the magical moment of saying your vows on the mountaintop and the family photos that your mom is going to frame forever. Every moment of your wedding day is important and I’m here to get it all documented for you and have some fun (and maybe cocktails) along the way. Let’s chat and plan this crazy adventure.

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