2019 Destinations


There is just something about an intimate wedding/elopement that nothing else can top, with the amount of happiness flowing through the air (because who wants aunt Betty making a fuss in your ear about decor, or Bob and Joe fighting about who gets to sit where at dinner). I will come home from an elopement/intimate wedding and I'll have a huge smile and tears running down my face because they will remember this day forever and they chose me to tell their story for years to come. There's nothing else like shooting outdoors and exploring those expansive landscapes with your soulmate. The natural lighting and pure beauty Mother Nature has to offer is unbeatable. Even if you do have to get your shoes, and wedding dress dirty, it is so worth it! So let's go climb a mountain or stand beneath a waterfall for those memories that will last a lifetime.


2019 travel includes but is not limited to:

October (10th-13th) | Chicago, IL

October (18th-20th) | Savannah, GA

October (25th-27th) | San Antonio, TX

November (6th-8th) | Canon Beach, OR/Portland area

November (22nd-24th) | Louisville, KY

**travel is subject to change**

…2020 travel TBD…


2019 Bucket List Locations:

What does this mean? These destinations are places that I am dying to go back to this year, or somewhere I am dying to go to for the first time! So, I am offering photo sessions or elopements at these locations for only the cost of travel. First come first serve, so if someone snags the deal before you, sorry bout ya! If you are interested please fill out the form below and don’t forget to mention you want to go to one of my bucket list locations.


Iceland (booked)


Grand Tetons, WY

Canon beach, OR (booked)

Yosemite National Park, CA (booked)


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