Many Glacier, Glacier National Park Montana- Levi and I did our own session!


Right around this time last year our little fam was packing up my Subaru Outback full of camping gear, snacks, fishing rods, and dogs. Our plan was to drive from Indiana to Glacier National Park and back in a week. That’s about 4,000 miles! We hit the road early the day we left, and had Badlands National park plugged into the GPS. We figured we were going to drive right past it, why not take the detour? The Badlands felt like we were on a completely different planet, maybe Mars? Even though we did not stop and hike around (the dogs aren’t allowed on National Park trails), the quick detour was well worth the entrance fee! An hour and a half away from Badlands National Park was Mount Rushmore, which I had never seen before so we had to go. We didn’t end up driving up to the walkway that leads to the Mt. Rushmore due to the fact that we would have to pay ANOTHER entrance fee, but we did get the chance to drive by it so I could see it from a far! That evening we camped out at Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota for free! The following day was spent driving (we did a lot of that in a little amount of time this trip) in aw of the STUNNING mountains that surrounded us at Glacier National Park. The second or third nights don’t remember, we stayed in an Airbnb on Flathead Lake in Rollins, Montana. It had a cherry farm in the backyard! You bet I was feasting on those cherries while sipping my coffee, looking out at Flathead Lake that morning. And yes, I had permission! That was also the first day we both got to shower… But, if you know us, we camp a lot so a few days is nothing compared to our 3 week Colorado camping trip fall of 2016 (only 2 showers within those three weeks)! All stinkiness aside, we also had to prep for this photoshoot with Jaci Vigil Photography! The day we had this shoot we also drove straight through the main road in Glacier National Park and saw the most amazing view I have every seen in my entire life. So, running around during golden hour at Many Glacier was just a cherry on top of the day! After our session with Jaci, it was getting dark fast and we didn’t really have time to drive down any National Forest roads hoping to find a campsite. Not knowing what to do, we just started driving toward the nearest town so we could get service and maybe find something. As we were driving aimlessly we passed by the cutest teepee campsite! We usually are so against paying for camping but we didn’t really have an option at this point, I hate setting up camp in the dark! So, our last night in Glacier National Park was spent on the floor of a teepee looking up at the most gorgeous Milky Way I have ever seen. Thank you again Jaci Vigil Photography for these amazing memories that I will cherish forever.