Manistee National Forest - Michigan - Airbnb Review

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If you know Levi and I well enough, you know we absolutely love fishing! When we first started traveling together Levi was not the biggest fan, he hated being away from home with the unknown ahead. So, to make sure we were all enjoying ourselves on our trips I would make sure to find places he could go fishing! Little did I know I would become huge fishing fan too. I had two photoshoots planned in Ludington, MI as well as Manistee National Forest so I decided to make a trip out of it. Especially when I heard Ludington is a good place to catch small mouth and trout! As you can guess, that is how I convinced Levi to come with me. Now that I knew Levi wanted to come with, I knew we had to bring the dogs too and make it a family trip because when we are driving places we ALWAYS bring the dogs! I got on Airbnb, because who books hotels anymore, searching for a home that allowed large dogs, has wifi (for my photo stuff), was an entire house to ourselves, and I found this bad boy. On the Airbnb listing they had so many photos of huge trout people have caught in river that was located in the back yard, and the decor was way too good to pass up! When I saw they had the dates available I booked it right away.

We walked into the home and I immediately knew we made the right decision. There was a basket full of snacks, dog bowls, maps to show you what was around the area, deer mounts on the wall, as well as a few fishing poles just in case we didn’t bring ours! The entire place was spotless, and they even had a few cold beers in the fridge that must have been left by previous renters. The cabin was even named after Michael’s military dog, they retired together and spent a lot of time in this home, so when he passed away he knew he had to commemorate Zane by calling this home “Zane’s Landing”. Even though we did not catch any trout in the river behind the house, we did enjoy the sun room that was located right by the water! I don’t know if it was the time of year we went, or the baits we were using, but we did not catch any. We did catch some baby perch at Ludington State Park though! In the back yard the home owner has a ton of bird houses that attract so many different types of birds from wood peckers, cardinals, and humming birds! I even saw a black squirrel for the first time here. I had no idea those even existed! Overall, this Airbnb was a 10/10 experience! I highly recommend it for small families or even couples that are looking for a little get away. Here is the link to it if you want to book your next vacation here!

Michael’s description of the home:

“Zane’s Landing is a cabin built in the middle of the Manistee National Forest, it sits alongside the Little Manistee River which is a blue ribbon trout stream and an excellent steelhead River. Guests will enjoy the private deck built along the river and have 100’ of river frontage all to themselves. Inside guests will find that the home has been completely remodeled, the owners paying attention to every detail. Come enjoy all that Northern Michigan has to offer.”

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