Iceland Adventurous Couples Session - Maddie & Trevor

Cassandra Michelle Photography Iceland couples photographer.jpg

This Iceland trip was the first time that I have ever traveled alone across the pond. It was pretty intimidating at first, no matter how prepared I made sure I was. I had to start my 3 day trip off with a 6 hour drive to Detroit, MI. WOW air had been sold out of Chicago flights and ended up cutting their ties with O’Hare shortly before this trip anyway, so it was probably a sign. I hopped on my red eye flight and arrived in Iceland at 5:00am. I was groggy, and I couldn’t even see the expansive landscapes Iceland has to offer because it was so dark, but I managed to find my way to my shuttle that took me all the way to Reykjavík, Iceland. The shuttle dropped me off at the heart of downtown Reykjavík at 5:00am. You can probably guess how I was feeling at this point. “Should I have scheduled my flight like this?” “how far am I going to have to walk?” Making sure to keep an eye on my 6, I checked the GPS and thank goodness it was only a 3 block walk to my Aibnb! The only person I ran into was a sweet lady on her bike. As soon as I got to my Airbnb I forced myself to get an hour or so of sleep so I wasn’t completely dead.

I met Maddie and Trevor at the Shuttle station the next morning around 8:00am. Within the first 30 minutes we were seeing Volcanic lava fields, then it was hot springs, and then it turned into waterfalls in every direction. Our first stop was at a coffee shop where we ate chocolate filled croissants, and drank (FREE?!) coffee. After filling our bellies we got back on the bus to hit the first waterfall, Skógafoss. After that we had an hour and a half drive to Vík where we ran around on the black sand beaches and I ate Skyr Icelandic yogurt for the first time.

When I look back on this trip I am very thankful we took the tour bus because we learned so much about Iceland. Things like how many waterfalls are on the island, how Iceland originated, and much much more. Not to mention if we got a rental car and did the route we did we would have stopped so many times we would have never made it all the way to Vík before it got dark. But, I think if I were to go back for a photo journey I would rent a car so we could spend more time at each location. I definitely got all the photos I needed to get they just only gave us around 45 minutes at each location. Which sounds like a lot, but when you have to walk to the location from the shuttle and you want to enjoy it/ take in the views while also taking photos it turns into not a lot of time! On our way back to Reykjavik we had 4 more stops. After the last waterfall, the sun began to set. Maddie and I could barely keep our eyes open. After attempting to stay awake to look at the gorgeous landscapes around us, sleep eventually won. When we woke up we were at the bus station. After unloading our things we knew the first thing we had to do was get some hot food! We stopped at the local street food joint, Maddie and Trevor got hot lamb stew in a bread bowl and I got a seafood gumbo type soup. There was not a better way to end this day.

Make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the video I did and to comment letting me know what you think!I am forever thankful for my couples like Maddie and Trevor that take me on insane adventures like these. If you’re interested in going on an adventure with me somewhere breathtaking, inquire here now!