Denver, Colorado - Red Rocks Amphitheater - Adventurous Couples Session

Denver Colorado Adventurous engagement photos at red rocks amphitheater.jpg

Colorado is one of those states that is very dear to my heart. Three years ago Levi and I camped out there for three weeks straight, just hoping around all of the Colorado National forests. We got to camp every night for free in places like Gunnison National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest, Arapaho National First, and White River National Forest. I was not really actively pursuing couples portrait photography at that time, so when I discovered my love for capturing love, I knew I needed to make a trip back to my favorite place, Colorado! The morning before this shoot started out how all great adventures start out, at the airport. I have been traveling around for work since I was 15 so honestly this comes naturally to me at this point, but as a photographer without precheck (don’t worry I have an appointment scheduled to get it!) I have to take any electronic that is bigger than a cell phone out of my bag. That in includes my camera bodies, hard drives, speakers, and portable chargers. So it is a bit of a process, but I made it on the plane to Colorado. After landing safely in Denver, we got some Starbucks and headed straight for the rental cars. Red Rocks Amphitheater is only 20 minutes from the Denver Colorado airport, but of course we landed just in time for rush hour! The traffic continued all the way to the Red Rocks Amphitheater, apparently there was some sort of band playing that literally attracted every hippie in Denver, Colorado (which is a lot). But we still made the best out of the situation! I could immediately tell that Grace and Conner had a special connection. They seemed more like best friends than a couple! And those are the best kind of people to photograph. Especially because I don’t like to do photos that are “posey” I like to direct my couples to do actions so the more goofiness and laughter the better! The Red Rocks Amphitheater has been around for 113 years. It was so cool to shoot at a location with so much history. After rolling around in a field and way too many piggy back rides we came to the top of the hill and saw the most gorgeous bushes COVERED in white flowers! The closer we got we kept smelling something weird, thinking it was the hippies, we didn’t continue to think much about it. We started to shoot in the bushes and still could not figure out what that smell was! Then we soon realized it must have been the flowers, they were so pretty how could they smell so rancid?! We shot all the way into blue hour, some people love to second guess me when I shoot in blue hour but Grace and Conner were so up for it! They let me get as creative as I wanted to be! Now, I will stop blabbing on and get to the good stuff! Here are the Photos I took during Garce and Connor’s adventurous couples session in Denver, Colorado at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Enjoy!

XX, Cassandra

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