About Me


  Hello there! My name is Cassandra. I'm 21 years young with an old soul, and my dream is to live in the mountains. For now I reside in Bloomington, IN (so please book me for your mountain adventures!). Portrait photography is my favorite, but theres just something about a wedding day that nothing else can top, with the amount of happiness flowing through the air sometimes I will come home from a wedding with a huge smile on my face and I don't really know why! I love taking photos outdoors, natural lighting is my best friend. I'm fairly new to the Photography game, so I am open to just about any type of photos, just ask! I've been doing portraits professionally for about 2 years, and there is no better look on someones face than when they see their professionally done photos. Some people have even told me they didn't even know they were that pretty... And my only reaction is disbelief! I really love what I do. 




Bloomington, IN


+1 812 322 9692